XINGRETAIL Smart Cloud System Framework

Thanks to independent technical researches over the years, XINGRETAIL has become an owner of multiple proprietary intellectual property rights. Integrating overseas supply chain management, technical support and big data analysis, XINGRETAIL has successfully developed a smart cloud system framework that allows lean accurate operation. With the smart cloud system framework, retailers now can achieve unified management of people, goods and venue, and keep online and offline operations interconnected and interrelated.
  • Integrated Service Customization Plan: XINGRETAIL can work out customized integrated service plans based on different projects to realize optimize integration of existing resources of retailers.
  • Flexible, Extensive, Responsive and Efficient: SAAS public cloud is used to offer higher flexibility and extendibility, quickly allocate additional retail resources. Costs can be reduced, and responsiveness can be maximally ensured.
  • Perfect Multi-business Connection: Support multi-business smart retain demands. Cross-border stores, chain supermarkets, department stores, smart business districts, convenience stores, maternal & childcare and beauty & makeup stores, fresh delivery can be incorporated into XINGRETAIL smart cloud system framework.

System Framework Diagram


Multi-business Support


All-round Scene Utilization


Inventory-supported Smart Retail

A certified cross-border E-commerce enterprise, XINGRETAIL is committed to connect the upstream and downstream supply chain, reducing circulation costs and building an industry ecosystem. Now XINGRETAIL offers supply chain services in relation to finance, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, logistics, tax payment and foreign exchange. Relying on no third party, XINGRETAIL offers differentiation strengths with controllable cost and risk. Such powerful supply chain strengths allow XINGRETAIL to provide quality, varied, authentic and price-competitive overseas commodities for retailers.
  • Upstream: Sourcing teams are built across the world, global sourcing channels integrated, and overseas direct procurement and multi-supplier/multi-customs clearance model adopted; predictions are made through the system to realize responsive supply.
  • Midstream: multi-customs clearance model adopted to realize automatic order division and enhance customs clearance efficiency.
  • Downstream: Support B2C mall, shopping guide rebate, whole-network distribution, third-party direct-sale store and O2O store integration; support multi-channel expansion and reduce circulation costs.

Overseas Warehousing and Commodity Distribution Center


Domestic Warehousing


Data-driven Smart Upgrade

Due to mature and independent data product researches, XINGRETAIL possesses proprietary intellectual property rights. Through the integration of internal and external retail data, XINGRETAIL has generated multi-dimension and multi-layer analysis statements to provide macro insights for top management in respect of market, sales and users and help with their strategic decision-making. Meanwhile, data insights are provided to front-line business specialists in regard to operation, products, market, sales and services to support their daily business operations.
  • Comprehensively establish user portrait: Collect business system data and basic user information comprehensively, analyze the consumer and user group data, accurately identify user features and predict user requirements.
  • Layer-by-layer analysis of data transactions: XINGRETAIL Big Data Landscape platform adopts data association analysis to observe data transactions and help decision-makers learn about them.
  • Real-time statistics and second-level update: Warning notices are given to allow users to learn about data changes and make adjustments promptly, and respond quickly.
  • Visual display of business trends: Daily sales trends can be viewed and monthly sales changes can be observed. Diagrams are used for better understanding to the data. KPI reports can be customized and exported as per industry.

Data-driven Smart Upgrade


Big Data User Portrait


XINGRETAIL Data Products

Big Data Landscape Platform

As a data processing platform, the Big Data Landscape Platform is run by the big data concept in terms of technology, management and application from data capture, loading, processing, analysis and statistics to data report configuration, generation, query and export. It provides solutions for commercial enterprises in sales, operation and service in the big data era, and helps realize one-stop big data service.

Real-time Statistics Platform

A real-time data presentation platform, the Real-time Statistics Platform can help business operators quickly and visually understand the latest key marketing data. Through real-time monitoring of transaction, commodity and flow data, the market conditions can be accurately controlled and data-driven scientific decisions can be made to realize smart operation and provide accurate marketing services.

Smart Cloud Operation Platform

Integrating the self-service functions of data extraction, portrait analysis and buried detection, the Smart Cloud Operation Platform can help simplify data access process, standardize data management and independently analyze multi-dimension data. Meanwhile, it can help accurately identify users, integrate user portraits, quickly reach users, enhance overall operating efficiency, and facilitate scientific decision-making and accurate marketing.

Big Data Official Account

As the mobile display platform of big data, the Big Data Official Account connected with Big Data Landscape Platform and Real-time Statistics Platform is applicable to more fragmented user application scenarios, which can quickly, promptly and accurately push marketing data to decision-making management. Through visual dynamic diagrams, key data can be displayed multi-dimensionally to support scientific decision-making.

Smart Retail to Restructure People, Goods and Venue

XINGRETAIL provides easy-to-operate integrated retail solutions and develops efficient management systems to support the technical upgrade to business upgrade and to total channel upgrade of retail business. On the one hand, connection with supply chain management through smart data services can bring accurate interaction for O2O and enhance business operation efficiency; on the other hand, it supports scenario-based operation, expands retail business scope, introduces massive service applications and enhances economic efficiency.
  • Online and offline operation complementation: Offline stores and online malls are open simultaneously to connect data and services to form total channel marketing and seamless sales.
  • Enhance user experience efficiently: Center on consumers and establish online and offline business connections in various scenarios to form a closed loop. Multiple approaches are adopted to reach users, and multiple social media channels used for user maintenance, marketing and promotion activities completed in interaction.
  • Professional customization and easy operation: Customize online App and offline POS; start smart operation through cloud-based POS system; provide consumers with speedy consumption experience and enhance marketing efficiency of retail business.

Support total marketing channel reach of retail business


provide accurate user service system


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Flexibly adaptive to industry requirements, XINGRETAIL provides outstanding and excellent smart retail solutions.
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