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A brand under Shenzhen MorningStar E-commerce Co., Ltd., XINGRETAIL is a global leader in new smart retail ecology. Applying information technology to total industrial structure, XINGRETAIL connects the upstream and downstream supply chain to reduce circulation costs and build an industry ecosystem. Realizing direct procurement from sources of goods in the upstream global integrated procurement channels, XINGRETAIL supports endless extension of commodity categories. Through the proprietary OMS (Order Management System) in the midstream, XINGRETAIL offers diversified customs clearance channels to ensure timeliness. In terms of downstream operations, XINGRETAIL supports B2C mall, shopping guide rebate, whole-network distribution, third-party direct-sale store and O2O store integration to build an industry ecosystem.

Through imported supply chain Internet + model, XINGRETAIL rolled out in physical department stores has quickly grown into a leader in cross-border E-commerce + new retail. In addition to unfolding binding partnerships with several large department stores in China, XINGRETAIL has further introduced the new smart retail model based on system integration, E-commerce operation, supply chain management and big data analysis strengths to support total channel transformation and upgrade of retailers. By far, XINGRETAIL’s smart retail solutions have been widely adopted by dozens of well-known retailers, including Eurasia, Hefei Department Store, China Post EMS and Sichuan New Hope. Furthermore, XINGRETAIL has explored its supply chain strengths to support the entry of famous overseas brands like Blackmores and Lander Brau into the Chinese market.

In 2017, XINGRETAIL launches the cross-border E-commerce smart town project centered on cross-border E-commerce industry. Through the big data and Internet information platform, a smart community combining fashion, food, accommodation and transportation, sightseeing and eco-agriculture is expected to be built in view of local characteristic resources; working with colleges, universities and research institutes, XINGRETAIL will integrate industry-university-research resources to provide scientific researches and talents for the enterprises in the town; strategic cooperation with financial and logistics industries is put into effect to offer funds and supporting facilities for leading industries; a better-equipped import & export trade distributing center will be established in line with the Belt and Road Initiative to provide customers with better services; the cities and industries will be integrated to meet upgraded consumption demands, which allows local residents in towns to buy global quality products at home and provides global consumers with more and better choices.

Development History

  • In November 2014

    MorningStar was registered.

  • In January 2015

    MorningStar was open for business.

  • In April 2015

    the B2C mall under the management of MorningStar,called ALLPYRA, started business.

  • In May 2015

    MorningStar completed the first round (Series A) of financing.

  • In July 2015

    the distribution platform under MorningStar started business.

  • In September 2015

    the WMS was put into use in Nansha.

  • In October 2015

    the MorningStar shopping guide rebate system was put into operation.

  • In December 2015

    MorningStar completed the second round (Series B) of financing.

  • In May 2016

    HY EMS jointly run by MorningStar and Guangdong Postal Office was launched.
    MorningStar and Hefei Department Store founded a joint-venture.

  • In June 2016

    MorningStar’s first O2O Store was open for business.

  • In July 2016

    BD-ego Mall (BA-ego.com) was launched.
    BD Outlet Center was launched.

  • In August 2016

    the Big Data Landscape independently developed by MorningStar went live.

  • In October 2016

    MorningStar was honored with 2016 Innovation Award for China Cross-border E-commerce Business Model by Asia Pacific E-commerce Institute of Guangdong.

  • In November 2016

    the Venus System restructured by MorningStar was launched.

  • In December 2016

    MorningStar and Changsha Tongcheng Group started strategic cooperation.

  • In January 2017

    MorningStar and Tai’an Lingyun Group founded a joint-venture.

  • In February 2017

    MorningStar and New Hope Group unfolded strategic cooperation.
    MorningStar and Lidezi established a joint-venture for regional strategic cooperation.

  • In March 2017

    MorningStar and Eurasia Group established a joint-venture.
    MorningStar and Showstar Group started strategic cooperation.

  • In April 2017

    MorningStar and Guangzhou Quandu signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

  • In May 2017

    MorningStar launched its new smart retail sub-brand XINGRETAIL.

Corporate Honors

In August 2016, Shenzhen MorningStar E-commerce Co., Ltd., parent company of XINGRETAIL, was elected vice president unit of Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation and Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association.
On October 11, 2016, Shenzhen MorningStar E-commerce Co., Ltd., parent company of XINGRETAIL, was honored with 2016 Innovation Award for China Cross-border E-commerce Business Model (Fengming Award) by Asia Pacific E-commerce Institute of Guangdong.
On December 16, 2016, Shenzhen MorningStar E-commerce Co., Ltd., parent company of XINGRETAIL, was named 2016 Best Cross-border E-commerce Integrated Service Enterprise of the Year;
On December 20, 2016, Shenzhen MorningStar E-commerce Co., Ltd., parent company of XINGRETAIL, was accredited was High-tech Enterprise.
On December 22, 2016, Liu Xing, CEO & founder of XINGRETAIL, was rated 2016 Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year by LIEYUNWANG.

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Advance Industry Development, Create Value for Customers
  • Fulfill Social Responsibilities in Public Welfare Programs
  • Value Employee Development and build a Harmonious Society Together
Lead Industry Development based on Industry Trends;
Enhance Technical Capacity through Technological Innovation;
Realize Customer Value and Introduce New Business Operations

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