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Found as a joint-stock company in 1992 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1993, Eurasia Group Co., Ltd. is a large commercial enterprise and domestically famous listed company. Under the management of Eurasia Group, there are 12 commercial and trade enterprises and 1 city shopping zone, including 13 shopping malls: Eurasia Commercial Capital, Eurasia Shopping Mall, Eurasia Automobile Department Store, Eurasia Yimin, Eurasia Xinfa, Eurasia Starry Bay, Eurasia Wanqianyuan, Eurasia Siping Trade Center, Eurasia Shenyang Associated Enterprise, Eurasia Tonghua Shopping Center, Eurasia Nongan Trade Center, Eurasia Technology Science mall and Jilin Eurasia Commercial Capital.
Since the reform in 1984, Eurasia Group has realized quick developments in corporate size and economic benefit through business operations, capital, assets and resource operations. In August 2016, Eurasia Group was ranked 359th among 2016 China Top 500 Companies.
Eurasia Commercial Capital

Project Background and Business Challenges

As the undisputed leader in retail business, Eurasia Group has become an important market player in the industry and developed distinctive strengths in physical retail store operation.
With the continuous development of Internet, however, E-commerce has grown into the new hot trend, generating steady and continuous growth in the import retail market.
Under such circumstance, the physical retail stores have shrinking sales and the market competition grows increasingly intense. In response to this, Eurasia Group has been expanding its businesses, seeking new profiting points, striving to make a transformation from the conventional industry to be stronger and bigger.
In the principle of resource complementation and win-win cooperation, Eurasia Group has partnered up with XINGRETAIL to establish a joint venture. Giving further play to the overall strengths of Eurasia Group, the joint venture will combine offline and online operations under the innovative Internet + import trade model, and focus on cross-border E-commerce.


Making use of strengths in IT system integration, E-commerce cloud operation, supply chain integration, and big data analysis, XINGRETAIL can provide Eurasia Group with one-stop integrated solution to support its huge transformation.
  • Connect with Eurasia Group’s offline data and integrate external and internal data to build an online management platform. Managers can manage the goods, stores, orders and financial affairs on the online management platform. The business data on the platform can be analyzed, and improvements in operation, marketing, service, sales and products can be made in line with user demands.
  • Comprehensively enhance user experience and vigorously promote Eurasia POS operations. The offline POS can be seamlessly connected with online platforms for order and inventory management to provide customers with more comfortable shopping experience and additional services.
  • XINGRETAIL and Eurasia Group have jointly established a joint venture. Thanks to the strong momentum of cross-border E-commerce, the joint venture is supported with multiple preferential policies. With the strengths of XINGRETAIL in supply chain and logistics channels, a batch of direct selling stores of import commodities have been opened, truly realizing the self-procurement and self-operation of global hot products and greatly reducing the cost of time and money.

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