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Lander Brau is one of the premium beer series of Bavaria which is known as one of the world’s four proprietary beer brands with Heineken, Carlsberg and Original Oettinger, and has been exported to about 120 countries across the world.
Bavaria—one of the world’s four proprietary beer brands

Project Background and Business Challenges

As a premium beer series of Bavaria, Lander Brau offers 5 kinds of beers with different flavors to customers. Supported by a 300-year history of Bavaria, Lander Brau is brewed with special processes. With the original wort concentration over 10%, the beer has a sweet and smooth taste filled with wheat fragrance.
With the increasing expansion of the Chinese import beer market, Bavaria hopes to find a powerful partner to expand the sales of Lander Brau in China market due to lack of in-depth Chinese market channels. After an in-depth study of the Chinese consumption market, Bavaria has finally decided to name XINGRETAIL as General Agent of Lander Brau in China, and signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with it. Renewing the sales strategy of Lander Brau based on domestic consumption features after the conclusion of the agreement, XINGRETAIL provides domestic online and offline channels for in-depth integrated marketing of Lander Brau.
Lander Brau


XINGRETAIL’s one-stop integrated marketing solution provides Lander Brau with a wide range of promotion channels:
  • To contact with target consumers directly from a more extensive approach, and enrich product experience. Lander Brau beers were exhibited in world’s largest, highest-level and most profitable food fair—SIALChina
  • A special Business event themed with Enjoy Fine Brew in the Dream Era has been held in The Ritz Carlton Shenzhen for Lander Brau. About ten companies signed a provincial/regional cooperation agreement with XINGRETAIL at the conference. The sales are expected to reach 60 containers and the areas include Eastern, Northern and Western Guangdong, Guangxi, Anhui Hong Kong and so on.
  • Product placements in movies, premier sponsorships, and tie-in sales in the cinemas through blended beer—lemon beer with popcorn package.
  • Integrate internal and external channels, make full use of resources to reduce costs, save time and enhance efficiency; hit the shelves of the O2O cross-border stores established by XINGRETAIL, EMS and BD-ego.com jointly.
  • Hit the shelves of self-owned or cooperative E-commerce platforms Pyramid and BD-ego; join third-party online platforms like JD.com, TMall, Suning.com, Jiuxian.com and 1919.cn.
  • Publish self-diffusing contents like beer recommendations and beer food videos through We Media platforms, Wechat food official accounts and online celebrities, so as to enhance brand awareness.
Brand Signing Photo: Baviaria’s representative Stijn and Gao Peng, supply chain director of Shenzhen MorningStar E-commerce Co., Ltd.
Agent Signing Photo: Gao Peng, supply chain director of Shenzhen MorningStar E-commerce Co., Ltd., and a provincial agent
Online Channels
Marketing Promotion: Enhance brand awareness via We Media platforms

Message of Client:

Baviaria’s representative Stijn points out that XINGRETAIL is a leading one-stop cross-border supply chain platform in China with a range of online and offline marketing channels and rich experience, and Bavaria is Holland’s second largest beer manufacturer with a 300-year history exported to about 120 countries across the world. “Now working with MorningStar, we are confident in better introducing Lander Brau to more Chinese consumers to taste the fine brew beers.”

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