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EMS, short for Express Mail Service, managed by Universal Postal Union, is an express service provided by China Post in China. As a cross-border shopping platform built by EMS, HY EMS represents the Eastern cultural value of speediness, accuracy and safety. All commodities will be examined by EMS to ensure authenticity. The leading aviation and land transportation network of EMS is used to deliver the import commodities to domestic households. HY EMS embraces complaints and never delays the delivery. Time-tested HY EMS will introduce worry-free, efficient cross-border shopping experience in the fully-connected era, and aspire to deliver the different goods all over the world.
HY EMS: Aspire to deliver goods all over the world

Project Background and Business Challenges

Due to the nature of business, EMS possesses unrivalled strengths in customs clearance and logistics, bonded warehousing and regional network coverage. Yet EMS is faced with a serious problem that how to make full use of its strengths to build a value chain from product to service and realize borderless integration of network and entity:
  • How to build an efficient technical platform to handle different complex marketing events
  • How to establish user portrait with existing data for accurate selection and operation
  • How to divide business lines to realize targeted integrated operation


Through its strategic partnership with XINGRETAIL, EMS has established the cross-border shopping platform of HY EMS. Quickly XINGRETAIL re-organizes the business models of EMS:
  • Technology: XINGRETAIL supports the independent R&D technology system of HY EMS featuring uniform management of commodities, orders and users and the system has been included in supply chain management foundation and financial settlement system.
  • Data: Through big data technology collection and user behavior model and feature analysis, XINGRETAIL establishes big data resource pools of HY EMS users, and thus riches the products selection to fully support business decision-making and help HY EMS better guide customers.
  • Operation: XINGRETAIL has developed the original Post Eke model for HY EMS, through which users can share their commodities on WeChat Moments just by one click and enjoy a 15% commission if their friends buy the same commodities. Making use of its rich online and offline coordinated marketing experience, XINGRETAIL highlights the strengths of EMS in various places, and increases operating approaches and customer channels by opening the offline O2O stores.
Quickly XINGRETAIL re-organizes the business models of EMS

Serving Customers

HY EMS has taken advantage of the brand awareness and strengths of China Post, and further enhanced its competitiveness through XINGRETAIL’s strengths in technology, data and commodity category:
  • Simple and easy-to-learn system processes: XINGRETAIL has specially established a system platform for HY EMS. It can be connected with XINGRETAIL’s smart cloud system framework to realize total process management from front-end staff management and back-end decision-making management.
  • Quicker, smarter and more insightful business operation: All businesses of HY EMS are analyzed and monitored real-time by XINGRETAIL’s proprietary Big Data Landscape to support system operation.
  • Rich and stratified operating approaches: XINGRETAIL has offered multiple channels for HY EMS. Traditional PC website, WeChat official account, mobile App, Post Eke personal distribution system and B2B commodity source distribution system have been developed; self-run and franchised O2O stores have been set up.
Guangzhou Offline Store: HY EMS’s First Offline Store Guangzhou Liuhua O2O Store
Zhuhai Offline Store: HY EMS Zhuhai Jida Store

Future Outlook

HY EMS is now promoting its “self-run flagship store + community franchised store” model. While the flagship store is focused on experience, the community store is emphasized on sales. On the one hand, all online products are displayed to support online platforms and provide consumers with varied choices; on the other hand, the limitation of online consumption is remedied, user experience has been enhanced, so as the realization of last-one-mile delivery.
HY EMS Urumqi Store
HY EMS Urumqi Store

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