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BD-ego is the first upscale cross-border online shopping mall in Hefei province under the management of Hefei Department Store. As Anhui’s first publicly traded company, Hefei Department Store has been rated as one of China Top 500 Enterprises for 10 consecutive years. Recent years Hefei Department Store has been vigorously promoting transformation and upgrade, quality and efficiency improvement. Now it has been developed from a simplex department store into Anhui’s largest modern comprehensive commerce circulation group.
Hefei Department Store Group

Project Background and Business Challenges

As Hefei Department Store Group’s upscale cross-border online shopping platform of daily necessities, BD-ego has the greatest advantage of strong industry leadership and rich experience in store retail operation. Yet BD-ego is faced with problems that need urgent resolutions in respect of cross-border sales system development, online and offline integration, and channel marketing model optimization:
  • How to efficiently integrate resources, set up online and offline stores, and enrich the trade mix
  • How to make use of the existing data collected over time to upgrade retail mode and enhance user experience
  • How to transform from traditional passive sale to active sale


Relying on its full-chain retail system development ability, XINGRETAIL has provided one-stop solution for BD-ego in respect of technology, commodity, logistics, customs clearance and operation:
  • XINGRETAIL, Hefei Department Store Group and Hefei Economic Development Zone Government have jointly established Anhui Airport BD MorningStar Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. Preferential policies have been given in view of Hefei Cross-border E-commerce Pilot Zone. The strengths of Hefei Cross-border E-commerce Pilot Zone have been utilized to first ensure bonded procurement operation—under rigorous customs and inspection and quarantine supervision, the goods are cleared through customs as bonded goods through Hefei Import & Export Zone. Imported goods can be shipped to Hefei directly through designated ports without transit shipment in other ports. It can greatly reduce the cost of time and money, and truly realize the self procurement and operation of global hot products. Community stores are established in combination of community supermarkets to penetrate electric appliances in the community. Integration and cooperation with local retailers Hejiakang and Hejiafu have been strengthened to sell featured commodities and try online sales of fresh food, imported commodities, agricultural and sideline products and local featured products.
  • Connect with Hefei Department Store offline data (CRM system and cash register receipt), integrate internal and external data, analyze the age group and consumption habits of users based on users generated business system data, basic user information and user shopping data; identify user features, predict user demands, make business improvements in respect of user operation, marketing, service, sale and product; launch milk+ cereal promotional package to realize steady increase in unit price and sales.
  • Comprehensively enhance new user consumption experience, actively advance BD Wallet based on integrated marketing management plan in total channels, realize online and cashier bonus points, consumption and query; further incorporate online and offline bonus points, pre-paid cards and E-cards in BD-ego App system, realize the perfect integration with traditional malls, and enrich the commodity category and customer group of traditional mall. Help BD-ego better guide customers and provide personalized experience and additional services through big data technology collection and user behavior model and feature analysis, transform the retail model of selling commodities to customers into the model of providing commodities that customers want to buy. Online social media channels are utilized to release information and provide user services, realize the interaction and sharing of mobile App and offline store marketing resources to efficiently enhance customer loyalty. The extensive Hejiafu Supermarket network in the city can be used with LBS positioning for express home delivery within a given range.
Offline Direct-sale Store
BD-ego App
Social Marketing System


The App and Outlet Center have realized the sales of 10 million yuan within one month, receiving over 2,000 orders daily. The App has drawn over 600,000 valid registered users.

Message of Client

Li Chengbo, vice general manager of Hefei Department Store Group: The rapidly growing new types of operation and total channel reform have accelerated the restructuring of traditional department stores. Transformation is imminent for the retail industry. If no changes are made, the traditional retail industry will continue to wither. In response to the continuous development of mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing technologies, retailers shall strive to enhance customer experience and realize the win-win of consumers and suppliers in addition to guaranteeing commodity quality, and developing customer trust and habits.

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